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    Who is Shinigami?


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    Who is Shinigami?

    Post  Spidersbane on Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:47 pm

    Shinigami is a new guild on the Earthen Ring Realm (EU), created by a couple of friends who have grown bored and annoyed by the lack of respect given to players who have only just recently reached level cap. This lack of respect is usually displayed by people asking to see achievements or having a minimum dps level to join simple raids and heroics. This pactice is pointless and selfish and we aim to have an open house policy on our raids and guild heroic runs.
    This open house policy will allow those that have only just recently or are about to hit 80 join the current raids available in WOTLK. The guild will not mock you for performing lower than your peers and there is no minimum dps requirements to the raids. A player's individual dps will increase as their gear increases and their gear wont increase if they are unable to get invites to raids and heroics. As a player who, until recently, was raiding the top end content, I decided that enough was enough and left my raid guild to form this new guild, aimed at the lower geared players of the community. With the addition of Emblems of Conquest from heroics and all raids it has become even easier to gear up to a high level in WOTLK. As such the raids we will be running will be aiming for maximum emblem gain and filling those slots that the emblems can't fill.

    A little about Demonblade

    Demonblade was formally a member of the raid force called Elysium. They decided to implement a recent change that I didn't agree with. During my time there I raided all the WOTLK content upto and including Yogg-Saron, although he was still alive by the time I left. After I left the guild, I decided to focus on leveling my other characters and hit the brick wall of not having enough hp, spell power, dps, or hps to join the average pug. Also, a lot of pug raids are now asking for players to link their achievements just to get an invite into a raid. why should people have to do this?
    The answer they would give is simple...."to make sure they know the tactics and can do enough dps for the instance". sorry to say it but this is nonsense, you can die on the initial pull and still get the achievement when your raid group 9/24 man's the boss. the achievement just says....I've been there before.
    So shinigami was born; it's aim...
    To bring the gear and raid spots to the people who need them most.
    To allow "everybody" to learn and experiance the raid content.
    To help develop members characters to an enjoyable level where they wont be penalized for being lesser geared than others.

    What you can expect from Shinigami

    • Full help with any class or gear issues you may be having - This could take the form of what stats you need to which item is better for your class/spec

    • Guaranteed raids - As the guild develops all raids will be in-house with no pug members. While we wait for the guild to fill out we may take some pug members although this is less than desirable. The aim is to never cancel a raid

    • Raiding alts - As a person I have one of every class as an alt, seven of those classes are 80 and raid ready. All these alts (minus my druid, which is alliance) is within this guild. The reason for this is simply to always have that spot filler available when needed. I've seen all the current content and have raided most of it as tank, dps and healer so can fill any spots required to get the raid moving. as a result it would be very unfair not to give the same option to our other members. As such we wont be restricting people from signing or attending with whatever character they choose to come with. After all, it's the player that performs not the character.

    • A very fair looting system - We understand that not all members will be able to raid everyday and some not every week. Due to this, we've decided to use an EPGP loot system which we feel is the fairest way to ensure all members gear up at a simular pace.

    So if your active and willing to put some effort into developing your character then plz feel free to make an application. If you are applying with an alt, please state this on the application form and adition details be be asked for by an officer.

    Thank you for showing interest


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