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    before making an application please read this post


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    before making an application please read this post

    Post  Spidersbane on Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:51 am

    Shinigami is a social guild for any and all players with at least 1 level 68+ character. Unlike some guilds we welcome members alts to the guild and infact encourage members to bring their alts in. This allows us to better help each other and allows the guild officers to keep track on who's inactive and who's just playing alts. We have 3 Bank slots at present and will be expanding this as soon as funds become available. The bank is under the direct control of the guild officers and although all members are allowed to put items in there only officers are permitted to remove them. All items in the bank are available for members via request with the exception of any raid consumables or BoE epic items from raids.

    The guild is split into 2 sections with different application processes.


    A member is someone who's only interested in the social aspect of the guild and really only looking for a place to call home or find groups for heroics. they could be somebody's alt, someone who's only interest is pvp, or someone who's not got the time to invest in a hardcore guild. This will be the core and life of the guild and will make up the majority of our members. Members are not required to observe any guild raid lockout timers and are free to pug anything and everything, however if the raiding team requires and extra body for a raid the members will be offered the spot first.


    This is where we're trying to set ourselves aside from other guilds. Firstly we are not and never intend to be a hardcore raiding guild. Raiders are the members who want a more structured raid schedule, the main goal of a raider is to raid and progress. Progress is to continually improve on your individual performance and the performance of the raid as a whole. Personal progress is also very important to us and we are hoping to allow all members the opertunity to view all the content that the current (and future) expansion have to offer, this includes gearing up those that need it. Raiders will also be expected to contribute to the guild bank in regards to greens to be disenchanted and raid consumables as they will be the ones who will be benifitting most from them. the guild will be operating a zero point DKP system that will be fair, Obviously with a system like this the most active raiders will be geared up quite quickly but the casual raiders will likely recieve something for the few raids thay can attend. There is no set attendance level that raiders need to meet, however the more active the raider the more chance they have to be picked for the raid. casual raiders will be rotated. Any raiders who do not sign will not be picked for the line up and the officers/raid leaders will assume they are unavailable. Lastly, Raiders are encouraged to list what alts they have available for the raid content we are aiming to do. alts will be permitted to raid so that raiders can gear up their alts and experiance raids from another perspective. the way this works is as follows;

    1. The raider signs with their main.
    2. They list what alt(s) they would like to attend with on the sign up page.
    3. The raid leader will then decide the classes required for the raid and make a line up based on the raiders prefrence of character.

    Some restrictions do apply;

    1. The Alt needs to be iLvL 200+ gear. We're not boosting alts from greens into epics and the alt needs to be able to contribute to the raid and not be a drag.
    2. The alt must be in Shinigami
    3. you must be willing to switch back to your guild main should the need arise. an example would be not enough healing, tanks not holding agro or too low dps.

    We feel that in larger raid forces/guilds players tend to go inactive because there is no fun in repeating instances with the same character over and over again. We are hoping that allowing players to rotate their raids between their alts it will keep more members active.

    Application Process

    Members should make a new post on this board amd "copy & paste" the members application form found here ---> Member Application Form

    If your interested in becoming a raider the application form must be filled in fully. Officers are less inclined to accept a trialist if they're application is incomplete or half hearted. This is your opertunity to really sell yourself. Please copy & paste the application form into a new post. We have limited raider spots available. The application can be found here --> Raider Application Form

    Our raid leader has extensive experiance in WOTLK raids, including the majority of hard modes and extensive training on Yogg-Saron. Their aim is to allow more players to experiance all the content that WOTLK has to offer. As a rule, the raid chosen will relect the raid members vurrent gear level and ability and they're fully prepared to spend alot of time farming lower level instances to help the lower geared members catch up on gear. Our aim is to quickly progress into Ulduar then into Coloseum. the hope is that by the time Ice croen citadel is released the bulk of the raiders will be geared and experianced enough to jump straight in there.

    You will be contacted ingame as soon as an officer views your application to tell you it's being looked at. Please refrain from pestering the officers as that may result in your application being put to the bottom of the pile.

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