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    Currently Recruiting

    Post  Spidersbane on Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:58 am

    If you are interested in joining Shinigami please check to see if your desired class/role is open before making an application. even if your class is currently full, good applications will always be considered.

    Please note: The recruitment status listed here is only for our raider rank and any players interested in member rank need not consider this list before making an application.

    General Recruitment

    We are looking for healers and ranged dps as a priority excluding the following;

    Balance druids
    Elemental shamans

    We are also looking for a very active Protection Warrior for a main tanking role. These are the stat requirements;
    540 def rating (crit immune)
    33,000 health unbuffed minimum
    50% total avoidance (Parry+Dodge)

    All tanks are welcome to be dual spec with a dps tree as there will be some situations where another class tank may be better suited to a specific encounter.

    Death Knight: CLOSED

    Warrior: OPEN - 1 tank spot available

    Paladin: OPEN - 1 tank and 1 holy

    Shaman: OPEN - full time resto's only

    Priest: OPEN - holy priests and 2x shadow available

    Druid: OPEN - Only resto spots are available

    Hunter: OPEN - Only looking for a very active players who will be activly looking for raid spots

    Rogue: CLOSED

    Warlock: OPEN - 2 spots available

    Mage: OPEN - 3 spots available

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