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    This is how an application should look


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    This is how an application should look

    Post  Spidersbane on Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:57 am

    character name:Demonblade
    Spec: Frost dps and unholy tank
    Armory link:
    (type your name at the end of the previous line)

    Raid Experience: All content up to and including Yogg-Saron
    Please only list WOTLK raid dungeons.

    Your Raid role:Dps/Tank
    Raid times will be from 20:00 - 23:00 server time
    Will you be able to attend the raid at least 15 minutes before raid start until the official raid end? :yes

    Do you have any higher geared characters currently raiding elsewhere. If so please list them. We accept alts into the guild as raider rank as long as they can attend our raid days. :All my horde characters are currently in Shinigami. I do however have several aliance 80's that are currently inactive.
    What nights are you able to raid: every night

    Previous guilds: Elysium, The Unbreakables
    Reason for leaving most recent guild: Elysium - They had a change of policy that I did not agree with.

    Do you know anyone within Shinigami, or will our members know your main : All within the guild know me


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