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    Spidersbane? who the hell is he?


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    Spidersbane? who the hell is he?

    Post  Spidersbane on Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:11 pm

    Spidersbane - the grinder

    There's only one thing I hate in this world and thats writing bout myself. It's taken me almost 2 years to create a CV that I liked and even now I'm thinking bout changing it Sad

    Well here goes pale

    I've been playing wow since release, I've played and raided with all classes in the various raid instances but only started raiding seriously in TBC. As some of you will know by my extensive collection of alts I love the leveling process and almost always have an alt in the works. I also have all the professions covered, although my engineering and leather working still need maxing out (too lazy to level my rogue atm). My official main is Demonblade my Death Knight but i tend to favor my Paladin which has much better stats and raid viability. Nerf's are just an excuse to reroll Smile
    My raid experiance to date is all content upto and including yogg-saron. In my last raid guild (elysium) I spent alot of time training/wiping on yogg-saron and have yet to see his death....this will change.

    Who is the real Spidersbane

    Well my name is Jon, i'm 28 from a small run down town called Hastings in south eastern England. I've got what you might call an addictive personality, i get easily hooked on anything and everything fantasy or Sci-Fi. Stargate is my fav show atm and am eagly awaiting the new series due to start next month Smile

    Other than playing wow i like to read (Sci-Fi/Fantasy ofc), listern to movies and caring for my pet Tarantulas (pics to follow soon). As far as music is concerned i like most things but can't stand that wannabe black guy emenem or however you spell his obscure name. I also play Xbox live at times with the gamertag spiders8ane (formally spidersbane before i left for a long time and couldn't get the tag reinstated). I have a very relaxed attitude when it comes to my free time, can't stand people who get upset or angry about something thats supposed to be fun......I can't stand football for this reason.

    Well thats about all your gonna get out of me. Be thankfull my previous attempt at this post didn't was looong Embarassed


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