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    Raider application - Volrat: warlock



    Raider application - Volrat: warlock

    Post  Guest on Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:43 pm

    Character name: Volrat
    Spec: Affliction: 56/0/15 (dual spec: demo: 0/50/21)
    Armory link:
    Age: 24

    Raid Experience:
    Naxx10/25, Uld10/25, Sarth+1(10/25), Malygos10

    Your Raid role: DPS
    Raid times will be from 20:00 - 23:00 server time
    Will you be able to attend the raid atleast 15 minutes before raid start until the official raid end?: yes

    Do you have any higher geared characters currently raiding elsewhere. If so please list them. We accept alts into the guild as raider rank as long as they can attend our raid days. : I have a resto druid on the Alliance which is a member of a 10-man raid guild, also doing 25-mans occasionally with befriended raidgroups.
    What nights during the week are you able to raid : all days

    Previous guilds: Lobotomy
    Reason for leaving most recent guild: inactivity (>2 years ago)

    Do you know anyone within Shinigami, or will our members know your main : no

    Any additional information you'd like to share with us. :
    This is my only char on the Horde side. I have been playing on the Alliance since june 2005. My main is a NE resto druid there. I got really bored on the Alliance side lately and decided to revive my lock on the Horde. I find playing on the horde side to be fun and I'd like to enter a nice guild, where I can socialize and this one seems to match that intention. Furthermore, I like raiding, and having had some experience from the past years (mainly as tank and healer), I thought I might as well bring that to good use by helping others seeing the scary places. It would also be great to get to really know the warlock class.

    On a sidenote, I find the new content from 3.2 to be utter crap and I won't visit those places unless I am either completely drunk or you are VERY short on people.

    See you either here or in-game,

    Cheers, Volrat

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